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Laurel Wreath

Our Robert family monogram is an ‘R’ in a laurel wreath. We used it for our invitations, wedding menus, and welcome bag tags. I’ve asked our florist to carry the theme through to the wedding reception table which will be one long rectangular table outdoors in an English garden. We will have wreaths like this on the bride and groom chairs like this one from BeautifulBlooms.com


We will also have some on the table snaking down the middle.

Half of Andre’s family is French. Traditionally in France people would throw laurel leaves on the ground outside that the bride and groom would walk on as they left the chapel.

Furthermore laurel wreaths have that collegiate thing going for them…. My stint in graduate school makes that apropos!

Here are some other laurel ideas…





From top to bottom: Olive Branch by Amy Merrick, cake as seen on OnceWed.com, petite wreath on door by Elizabeth Anne Designs, and more chair wreaths by Ariella Chezar Flowers. Love this so much I want two weddings!!

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