Sunday musings

Sunday = Funday!  Love it, but it’s going to be a mellow one.  Today we’re working on wedding vows, choosing wedding hairstyles (just me, not Andre lol), and then heading to Papa Chocolat to pick out wedding favours (I already know that I’m picking Le Mer as my chocolate, but Andre will go and test some out to choose his favourite.  So have you tried Papa Chocolat???  It’s by the real Bernard Callebaut, and is even better than Callebaut chocolate if you can believe it!

La Mer - Sea Salt/Caramel



So onto other fun stuff, hair styles.  I have my wedding dress, a Mikaella 1700, a sleek satin trumpet style dress with a bateau neck in the front and a deep V back with a simple sash.  At the waist on the right is a sweet floral/diamond and maribou embellishment.  So I’m going to have an undo, that goes off to the side (because my direct profile isn’t that hot haha) and then I will have a floral/diamond and Maribou slip with a bandeau birdcage veil hand made by

So these are the hairstyles that I’ve chosen so far.

7bcda60136acbfa55027379c197d3eb4 11bc2ba9d953d2f7c6218a1f673130c9 DanielleStyledotcom


Unfortunately the first two photos don’t have sources, but the last is from

I’m looking for sleek, not too messy, but also not too put together – you know the proverbial “I didn’t put any effort into this” look that’s still stunning!! 😉


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