Low Carb Cream Tea. Seriously.

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RSVP to chocolate

We got this RSVP from my uncle and aunt… so we made sure to get an extra goodie from Papa Chocolat for them.

PS Ian and Karen, thank you for the heart shaped Le Creuset. Very thoughtful with a great story behind it.



Laurel Wreath

Our Robert family monogram is an ‘R’ in a laurel wreath. We used it for our invitations, wedding menus, and welcome bag tags. I’ve asked our florist to carry the theme through to the wedding reception table which will be one long rectangular table outdoors in an English garden. We will have wreaths like this on the bride and groom chairs like this one from BeautifulBlooms.com


We will also have some on the table snaking down the middle.

Half of Andre’s family is French. Traditionally in France people would throw laurel leaves on the ground outside that the bride and groom would walk on as they left the chapel.

Furthermore laurel wreaths have that collegiate thing going for them…. My stint in graduate school makes that apropos!

Here are some other laurel ideas…





From top to bottom: Olive Branch by Amy Merrick, cake as seen on OnceWed.com, petite wreath on door by Elizabeth Anne Designs, and more chair wreaths by Ariella Chezar Flowers. Love this so much I want two weddings!!

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Simple Wedding Flowers


This is what we’ve asked our florist at FoxGloves Flowers in Victoria, BC to give us for small table arrangements. She is arranging them in silver julep glasses. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! Yes, I know that peonies and tulips aren’t available in August, so there will be garden roses instead (or standard roses blown out) in Ballet and Katherine, with seasonal whites, and seeded eucalyptus.

Here are some other bouquets I die for…

20130723-212020.jpg 20130723-212026.jpg 20130723-212031.jpg

20130723-212037.jpg 20130723-212044.jpg 20130723-212051.jpg

20130723-212056.jpg 20130723-212101.jpg 20130723-212105.jpg

Link love: peonies in mercury glass from Brides.com, photo of bouquet by Catherine Mead from Ruffled Blog, coral sweet peas with white & greens from 100 Layer Cake, sweet tiny pink arrangement from Festivities Event Planning , stunning mixed with deep reds from Wedding Chicks, gorgeous corals from a real wedding posted on Martha Stewart Weddings, more peonies from http://beverleyshiller.tumblr.com/post/8430247761, bridal peonies from Something Blue Bridal , a simply stunning bouquet (sorry I don’t have a source).

Sunday musings

Sunday = Funday!  Love it, but it’s going to be a mellow one.  Today we’re working on wedding vows, choosing wedding hairstyles (just me, not Andre lol), and then heading to Papa Chocolat to pick out wedding favours (I already know that I’m picking Le Mer as my chocolate, but Andre will go and test some out to choose his favourite.  So have you tried Papa Chocolat???  It’s by the real Bernard Callebaut, and is even better than Callebaut chocolate if you can believe it!

La Mer - Sea Salt/Caramel



So onto other fun stuff, hair styles.  I have my wedding dress, a Mikaella 1700, a sleek satin trumpet style dress with a bateau neck in the front and a deep V back with a simple sash.  At the waist on the right is a sweet floral/diamond and maribou embellishment.  So I’m going to have an undo, that goes off to the side (because my direct profile isn’t that hot haha) and then I will have a floral/diamond and Maribou slip with a bandeau birdcage veil hand made by http://www.SassyVeils.com.

So these are the hairstyles that I’ve chosen so far.

7bcda60136acbfa55027379c197d3eb4 11bc2ba9d953d2f7c6218a1f673130c9 DanielleStyledotcom


Unfortunately the first two photos don’t have sources, but the last is from http://www.daniellestyle.com.

I’m looking for sleek, not too messy, but also not too put together – you know the proverbial “I didn’t put any effort into this” look that’s still stunning!! 😉

Surprise Bridal Sort of Shower? And Fire Pit parties.

Wow, I went out for dinner last night with my aunt Sylvia (“Syl”) with whom I work.  It actually turned into a surprise party for me and all the ladies in my office were there!  How lovely!  We went to The King & I, a Thai restaurant in downtown Calgary (omg the food is incredible there, but certainly not low-carb despite what the lovely server said!!!) (kingandI.ca)

We indulged on the Kings Feast which is a sampling of a bunch of appetizers and entrees – green curries, coconut shrimps, a lovely basa dish.  It all went perfectly with the Shiraz (sorry I don’t remember the brand).

They gave us a gift of a bed and breakfast package for the Rimrock Hotel in Banff.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s a beautiful high-end resort in Banff, Alberta – one of the most picturesque towns in the world. (http://www.rimrockresort.com) So we’re a pretty lucky couple!!!

That was a lovely way to spend our “two weeks to go” time!

Today was a gorgeous day in Calgary.  I got off work early of course because it’s Friday, and wanted to plan a BBQ, but then got invited instead to my Matron of Honour’s house (the Herbington Estate – named after a nice mix of her (Herbert) and her hubby’s (Bennington) last names) for low-carb chiles rellenos (Mexican stuffed peppers).  The Herbington Estate is a lovely little early 1900’s house in the Sunalta district in Calgary (Calgary beltline, so it’s so close to downtown and 17th Avenue which is the best place to go for entertainment!)  We’re all taking it easy before the wedding (still have to fit into those wedding/bridesmaid dresses!!)

There’s nothing like a backyard party or an afternoon on the patio.  Living in Calgary we don’t get to enjoy the outdoors as much as other places to the south of us.  Anyone who knows me knows I can figure out the silver lining to anything (!) and I definitely have a silver lining here.  Since Calgarians don’t have as many months of sunshine and warmth, when those few months roll around each year everyone in the city has a collective energy that makes summer so much fun!  People are more lively, they’re more chatty, they’re always out, they’re always smiling… even the recent crazy floods haven’t dampened the spirit in this city (Stampede still went on – Come Hell or High Water!!!)

But Calgary is a crazy place for weather, and as I’m sitting here typing it has started raining, so we may have to postpone the backyard ‘firepit party’ part of tonight.  But just as quickly as it can rain, it can also pour sunshine!

Backyard BBQ gatherings are one of my favourite things in life.  They can be so stylish yet casual, especially these days as the whole Mason jar shabby chic theme is so popular (thanks Pinterest and Etsy!)

So here are a few of my favourite ideas:

A watermelon “keg” – old school Calgarians who grew up with Electric Avenue love yukaflux, so this one is especially great for us!!


You can find out how to make this watermelon keg here: http://www.instructables.com/id/Tap-a-Watermelon-or-How-to-Make-a-Watermelon-Keg/

Here’s a perfect table setting for a special occasion – I stole this one from cupcakesandcashmere.com (lovely blog with nice entertaining ideas – St.Germain cocktails anyone?




Fresh flowers in Mason jars. Something I never thought would be me…

64a50616dec1f88330b82adf686f8fac e4fc97cfcccd146e8afb07f3cb430bbb



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Two Week Countdown!

Two weeks from today Andre and I will be heading out on the TransCanada to Victoria (ferry’s already booked!)  We’re getting married!  

After planning a gazillion weddings before this (Shuswap, Hawaii, etc.) we finally settled on Victoria at a place called the English Inn in the Esquimalt area.  English Inn is exactly that, an English inn that has some lovely grounds and we’ll be married outdoors in the Sunken Garden, followed by lunch al fresco – organic greens, wild BC salmon, prosecco, and vanilla bean cheesecake with a fruit salad and mint.

My brother and his wife and my nephew live in Victoria – he’s a professor of geography at the University of Victoria.  They, along with a couple of aunts and uncles, my parents, and our party will be the only ones there… one big table, like a rustic Italian wedding.

We are having Foxgloves Flowers do our arrangements, ballet roses, Katherine roses, some seasonal whites, and seeded eucalyptus.  We also, thanks to our laurel wreath monogram wedding invitations, will have laurel wreathes on the bride and groom chairs and perhaps winding down the middle of the table.  I’ll post some pictures here later.  In two weeks.

I’m thrilled but how do women do this without getting sick to their stomachs?  I am nervous beyond my wildest dreams!

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